Jhargram Government Medical College

Hostel Clearence

Rules Regarding the Hostel Clearance Certificate

  • Hostel clearance certificate certifies that the student is no longer a boarder of his/her allotted hostel seat.
  • A student who has been allotted a seat in the hostel, has left the hostel but has not obtained this certificate from the Hostel Superintendent, is considered liable for any damages to the hostel properties (allotted to him/her) which has been done in his/her absence by any unknown person.
  • Submission of Hostel Clearance Certificate is mandatory in case of obtaining the course completion certificates and migration certificates.
  • Documents to be submitted for the hostel clearance certificate are:
    1. Application to the Hostel Superintendent for hostel clearance
    2. The original hostel allotment certificate
    3. The hostel fee clearance receipt from the accounts office
    4. The signed declaration from the roommate that the applicant has not done any damage to the allotted room, furniture, plumbing, electric setups, etc.

Application Format for hostel clearance : Download